About us

We’re a creative, quirky, eccentric and innovative online plaza whose focus is to bring new experiences to your everyday living. Our team is a group of energetic individuals who understand the power of how having the right tool, product, gadget etc; handy can  improve our mood, or efficiency in our everyday life depending on the scenario. We source a variety of categories which turns into 1000’s of products, due to the number of products we source we’re able to employ people from all over the word. 


By sourcing the best products within their category we intend to keep the most desirable inventory to make sure you have the best experience and a delivery on a timely matter. 

Our intentions are simple and are to bring you the best product, customer service, and prices the market has to offer at your doorstep.


Our gold for our clients is to build a long relationship with each individual client in where we become there to go online plaza site as well as the same with our vendors. 


Since we’re dealing with vendors from all over the world our mission is to have warehouses all over the world as well to be able to reach clients in all parts of the world. 


This mission was founded by two individuals from two separate parts of the world that met on the web and after sharing a few words, noticed their vision and passion was aligned to help make this world a better place by helping each individual acquire what they can need to make their life more simpler and happier at an affordable price. 


The USA Plaza